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Welcome to my first web page. It might suck right now but soon it will kick ass. Don't use the heart at the top of the page. It doesn't work. E-mail me if u want the adress. Today's date is The song u r hearing is "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica

4 those of u that don't know, this is a pic of Alice Cooper

Yes there is a reason 4 her 2 b here. It turns out that Ariel is in a metal band known as "The Little Red Heads".

If u r at my page I probably invited u. I'm making a page about bands. I got plenty of stuff 2 work on 4 right now so I don't need n e more ideas 4 bands unless u would just like me 2 add a link 2 there page on my page. Also if u'd like me 2 add a link 2 your page just let me know and I will. If it fits in with the stuff on my page that is. N e ways if there r n e links u'd like me 2 add just use the "Comments" button at the bottom of the page. If u ask me 2 put a link 2 your page on here all I ask in return is that u add a link 2 my page on yours.
Each of these names will soon send u 2 a section dedicated entirerly 2 that particular band. The underlined 1's will b the 1's that r working. Right now I'm working on Metallica.
Black Sabbath
Alice Cooper

Official Band Pages.


Led Zeppelin
Rage Against The Machine
Other pages.

If u have any comments please tell me using the button below.